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 As promised, here are my fanarts done for the Collabang. I have other illustrations in progress, so I'll show you those as soon as I finish them.
If you want to try and read it, it's in Italian here. I'm thinking about translating it, but I'll need betas. I'm, like, too meticulous to use Google Translator and be satisfied with it.

You can find them @ tumblr and @ AO3 also. <3

Cover art: 

More under the cut )

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A lot of things happens in these weeks, I feel my head spinning. /oAo/ 

Good thing is, I have a job now. And I'm trying to do some Marvel t-shirts for redbubble and other sites like it. I've done Miss Marvel for now, I'll show you the design as soon as I can. I'm slightly proud of it.

I'm currently writing a big damn Steve/Tony fic in Italian with [personal profile] ephitomis , but we are a bit late. Ahem. I also have to draw for it, 'cause it's something like a Bigbang fic, but in a pre-established pair. We are the Superwives. *wink*
I'm gonna post my drawing @ tumblr for sure, but I'll crosspost them @ cap_ironman as soon as I remember. Exams are coming, so I'll probably forget to do that. 

Sooo, what else? I'm watching Da Vinci's Demons while writing here. I like it. Maybe because Leonardo is, you know, a preposterous genius with flirty behavior. I'm so boring sometimes.

Also, this weekend I'm gonna meet up with a dozen of friends to watch Iron Man 3 together! I still can't decide if I'm afraid or trilled about it. There are many things in this movie that cause me a lot of conflicted feelings. Am I the only one? 

OH! And  MY HOUSE IS FULL OF KITTENS. Literally! I have 4 she-cats and 7 kittens at the moment. I'd like to flood you with photos one day or another. They are so damn cute.
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This Halloween I decided to try this new thing called "Trick or Treat" @ twitter (I'm technofeelings ATM). Someone had to mention me with "trick or treat"+ a fandom and I'd draw something about it. These are the results.

Marvel - Homestuck - X-men -DoctorWho(kinda) - Once Upon a Time - Shadowhunters - Sherlock BBC )


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Hi, welcome to my dw, I'm an artist who wants to try everything in her life, so I spend half of my time studying languages and the other half writing, drawing and reading stuff.
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