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Title: Steve and the Smoking Head
Author: [personal profile] rosenlight 
Universe: Marvel 616
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony, Bucky
Rating: PG
Word Count: 689w
A/N: THE LONG DUE FIC FOR [personal profile] kabal42 
Not really beta-ed so, sorry if there are mistakes and enjoy?
Summary: Steve has forgot something the day of his marriage.  And I kinda hate summaries. 

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Title: Domesticity 01
Artist: rosenlight| [personal profile] rosenlight
Universe: Earth-616
Pairings/Characters: Steve/Tony
Rating: G
Summary: Time to do the laundry, Tony /o7o/
Done for the SteveTony Fest \o/
Bigger on my tumblr

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 Another collabang posted, more art to show you!

Pairing: Steve/Tony
Rating: SAFE
Warning: AU - Sci-fi, kissing, fluffity fluff
Notes: they have Phase 2 haircuts because... I don't even know. Because.
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 As promised, here are my fanarts done for the Collabang. I have other illustrations in progress, so I'll show you those as soon as I finish them.
If you want to try and read it, it's in Italian here. I'm thinking about translating it, but I'll need betas. I'm, like, too meticulous to use Google Translator and be satisfied with it.

You can find them @ tumblr and @ AO3 also. <3

Cover art: 

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Fandom: Marvel

Subject: Rogue
Warning: None

Rogue )

Subject: Kid Loki
Warning: None
KidLoki )

Pairing: Steve/Tony
Warning: there's a bit of nakedness here and there, so watch your back
Superhusbands )

Pairing: Nick Fury/Clint Barton
Warning: fluff and saccharine
Done for a friend
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Hi, welcome to my dw, I'm an artist who wants to try everything in her life, so I spend half of my time studying languages and the other half writing, drawing and reading stuff.
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