Apr. 22nd, 2013

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A lot of things happens in these weeks, I feel my head spinning. /oAo/ 

Good thing is, I have a job now. And I'm trying to do some Marvel t-shirts for redbubble and other sites like it. I've done Miss Marvel for now, I'll show you the design as soon as I can. I'm slightly proud of it.

I'm currently writing a big damn Steve/Tony fic in Italian with [personal profile] ephitomis , but we are a bit late. Ahem. I also have to draw for it, 'cause it's something like a Bigbang fic, but in a pre-established pair. We are the Superwives. *wink*
I'm gonna post my drawing @ tumblr for sure, but I'll crosspost them @ cap_ironman as soon as I remember. Exams are coming, so I'll probably forget to do that. 

Sooo, what else? I'm watching Da Vinci's Demons while writing here. I like it. Maybe because Leonardo is, you know, a preposterous genius with flirty behavior. I'm so boring sometimes.

Also, this weekend I'm gonna meet up with a dozen of friends to watch Iron Man 3 together! I still can't decide if I'm afraid or trilled about it. There are many things in this movie that cause me a lot of conflicted feelings. Am I the only one? 

OH! And  MY HOUSE IS FULL OF KITTENS. Literally! I have 4 she-cats and 7 kittens at the moment. I'd like to flood you with photos one day or another. They are so damn cute.


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Hi, welcome to my dw, I'm an artist who wants to try everything in her life, so I spend half of my time studying languages and the other half writing, drawing and reading stuff.
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