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14 days and I'll be in Lucca Comics. 14 days and I'll also finish some artworks for an Italian BB and the Cap-Iron Man one. There's also the femslash exchange and, hey, all of them end up when I'm at the Comics. Hahaha.
Luckily, I'm a fast writer and I do have a smartphone, so I'll probably manage to send everything on time (or before time, where it's possible).

blah blah Agents of SHIELD, Sinbad, OuatiW )


So, TL;DR: I'm watching a lot of series while sick and I'm searching for a good one, but it seems a bit hard at the moment. Also blah blah being creative is fun and scary at the same time.


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Hi, welcome to my dw, I'm an artist who wants to try everything in her life, so I spend half of my time studying languages and the other half writing, drawing and reading stuff.
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