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Neera ([personal profile] rosenlight) wrote2013-10-19 03:08 pm

Stuff, series reaction, more stuff

14 days and I'll be in Lucca Comics. 14 days and I'll also finish some artworks for an Italian BB and the Cap-Iron Man one. There's also the femslash exchange and, hey, all of them end up when I'm at the Comics. Hahaha.
Luckily, I'm a fast writer and I do have a smartphone, so I'll probably manage to send everything on time (or before time, where it's possible).

Funny part is, in these days I'm sick, but I've used this imposed rest to watch some episodes of old and new series. Like Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., that I still cannot decide if I like or not. I do enjoy it: I like the Fitz-Simmons and May. But it's a bit too predictable and, despite the mystery (?) behind Coulson's Not-Death, I don't know if there's a true plot behind all these eps. But, well, I don't care, I'll keep watching it and see if it gets better.

I've also started Sinbad because after reading[personal profile] muccamukk praising it here and there I couldn't resist. I'm too curious and the setting is absolutely my cup of tea. I'm at episode 6 and I love it. The CG is not the best, but I'm used to bad CG (thank you OUAT) AND it doesn't bother me too much. The characters are funny - I love Cook as much as I love Sinbad - and, moreover, complex: a thing that I always love to find. I enjoy how all the episodes let you understand better the characters and I'm start to grieve the fact that they didn't renew this series. Why they always do that with the interesting ones? Meh.

Last but not last, Once upon a Time in Wonderland. That has a pretty long name and I don't know how to cut it in a good way: OuatiW? OW? I think OW fits my reaction to this series so I'll use this one. Ow because the Mad Hatter wasn't in love with Alice. Ow because Asylum. Ow because of the White Rabbit. But I have to say, despite the poster stolen from a erotic novel (NO, SERIOUSLY) and the CG that is EW, I think I like it. I mean, there's the Red Queen who looks a lot like a gone wrong version of Charlotte from The Princess and the Frog,

Disney what are you doing?

but there's also someone from Sinbad. Or from Lost, if you need more clues. Yes, NAVEEN ANDREWS.

*smile smile cutie pie*


So, TL;DR: I'm watching a lot of series while sick and I'm searching for a good one, but it seems a bit hard at the moment. Also blah blah being creative is fun and scary at the same time.