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Dear femslashex author,

Thanks for taking your time to read my letter. I'm looking forward to read what you're gonna create for me.

I'm not always comfortable with graphic description of violence (if it's implied but not showed, go ahead). I'm not into mortification of the partner, especially scat or bloodplay. The only AUs that makes me wary are omegaverses where the omega is a helpless character in heat that "wants to be fucked" - screw that, please don't use "I want you to fuck me" because it's one of those lines that makes me snort in every kind of fanfiction
Porn without plot is not for me, but give me a building relationship and you can do all the porn that you want. I love plots. I love character development. I love stupid fics that makes me laugh and giggle, where the characters are hopelessly in love and do dumb things to show their feelings.

The long due update. Sorry for being late and I hope you'll take a look at this, dear author.

Marvel 616
I just need more stories with leading ladies being awesome and in love together.
Helen Cobb/Peggy Carter: I didn't think of them together untill I read the couple on the list, but a noir fic or pretty much everything with those two being in an adventure together will warm up my heart. I'm that easy.
Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew: What can I say, every issue lately speaks for itself. A missing moment or a secret relationship set in the present comics time will be super okay. 
Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff: Hit me with love, hit me with past events or Wanda coming back and trying to help Carol because of her recent memory loss. Hit me with an AU, every AU will be awesome with these two, in my opinion. They have the right chemistry to be that good. At least for me. An AU where one is Nala and the other Rena from Sinbad? Purrfection.
Kate Bishop/Cassie Lang: Here too, do what you want, I'll love it nevertheless. I can ask you something about Cassie asking Kate for advice, or help with homework, or them being friends and then lovers. I think they need more attention and even a powerless Au will be appreciated.
Maria Hill/Pepper Potts: I started to ship them after the Major Post "I killed Steve I Want to Forget Everything" event in Iron Man. Pissed off women who start dating? Hell, yeah.
Natasha Romanov/Janet van Dyne: just write me something about these two being awesome. Undercover Nat and Jan the target of a villain? Okay. Those two out in a mission? Okay.


Mulan/Aurora: After the last episodes, I really need Mulan to actually confess her love to Aurora.
Belle/Ruby: Belle and Ruby? A simple femslash version of Beauty and the Beast, will be A+. Them being awesome friends and then lovers while Rumple is away? Hell yeah.
Ruby/Emma: Ruby and Emma are just that cute. I loved them when they worked together as deputy and sheriff, so if you want to recreate that kind of relationship (in the setting you prefer) I'll be okay with that.


I miss this show and I need some medieval femslash. Yeah, that's all you need to know. It could be an AU or a what if, but I'd really like some medieval romance between two female characters.
Morgana/Gwen: Imagine one where Morgana is actually Queen, and Gwen is her servant, or a foreign dame.
Elena/Mithian: Elena and Mithian are that kind of pair that you don't see but you want, just because you know it will be perfect. Make them meet at a ball in Camelot, or in the forest, riding their horses. Whatever you like will be good.
Morgana/Morgause: a modern Au here will be much appreciated, like a detective story where they are both detectives and has a study together, or a story where they are not related (I still am no sure how they were "sisters" in Merlin, since the writers weren't very clear either). Hit me with awesomeness, hit me with love in the woods. I'll like it, whatever you write.
Igraine/Nimueh: Igraine and Nimueh needs more love, and that's all I'm gonna ask you: tell me about them. Tell me what their friendship was like. Tell me how they fell in love and how it was beautiful. Avoid deathfics, please. Or write me a fic where Ygraine faked her death to stay with Nimueh, before all the fallout happened.

M needs more love. Give me one story where she's in action, and I'll be satisfied like a cat full of catnip.

Teen Wolf
Allison Argent/Lydia Martin:
I love them. Give me anything about them being awesome and defeating everything tries to stop them, or an AU with Allison who has to hunt down Lydia but ends up falling in love with her. Or a simple, coffeeshop AU where Allison is the bartender and Lydia a career woman. <3
Cora Hale/Lydia Martin: Hatesex? A relationship where they hate each other but, after another monster in Beacon Hills (pretend that Cora never leaved), they start a thing?
Jennifer Blake/Kali: give me a fix-it fic, or tell me how they met, or invent an AU where they end up happy. Lots of angst are okay, but fluff will be more than okay.
Kate Argent/Laura Hale: Oh, give me a story where Kate uses Laura; or an AU where they are fearless warriors, fighting one vs the other. 

Long story short: give me awesomeness, and I'll be happy.

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