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Neera ([personal profile] rosenlight) wrote2013-06-25 03:49 pm
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Meme #1

- I'll give you a list of fandoms and pairings
- You choose one from the list and I'll write a drabble about it, or something around 500words. You can ask for a doodle, if you want.
- Pairs should be the one that I give you, but if you want something that you know I ship, try me.
- If you want (as read as "do it"), you can leave a prompt alongside the pairing. A word, an image, a song, a quote, etc.
- I'll post my things as a comment to your request.

- Marvel (comics and MCU): Steve/Tony - Thor/Loki - Carol/Jessica - Billy/Teddy (and a lot more sssht)
- Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles - Isaac/Scott - Isaac/Scarf - JEEMARO (what?)
- Star Trek: Kirk/Spock - Kirk/Spock/Uhura - Kirk/McCoy - Kirk/McCoy/Spock (what?)
- Grimm: Nick/Monroe - Nick/Juliette
- Sherlock Holmes: Watson/Holmes (every singe verse)
- Da Vinci's Demons: Leonardo/Zoroastro

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